The Ws4 is a performance that demonstrates statistics of suffering onto a body through electrical impulses. It simulates a way of understanding others suffering through cramps.

Performancekonferensen, Clarion Hotel, i samarbete med Iris Smeds och
Dramalabbet, Stockholm vĂ¥ren 2009


Uppsala Stadsteater in collaboration with Anna Carlsson, vintern 2009



London, Ada Street gallery, in collaboration with Rut Karin Zettergren, autumn 2008



Instructions for using the w4s machine performing in your home:
Attatch the machine to the body
Start by attatching the two ground circuits to the wrists of the reciever.
Then, depending on how large session you want to do, use the other circuit pads to connect them to the rest of the body. (See
pictures for correct stressing points) For the first five or six sessions it is good if you follow the attatched scheme of which statistics and in what order you should apply them to the reciever. After a few sessions you can try your own combination from the attatched statistics. When applying the current to the reciever, do it in two steps: first turn it til there is a subtle sensation of the shocks, then turn it to the actual level that is given in the diagram.

It is important that you tell the reciever what kind of statistics you are applying to him or her. Do it in a calm
manor, especially in the beginning, (Example: Now I will apply the groundcurrnet to both of your arms, tell me when you can
sense the shocks. The person will tell you and then you say: And now i will turn it to the right level. You do the same thing
with the other arms but now you say (for example). On your right arm I will apply the death rate of children in China who dies before their first birthday. Repeat the same two-step procedure of turning the current on.)

Now the cramps will start. Wait til it has the given effect and tell the reciever that he or she can start talking whenever he or she feels like. You will only participate through listening and asking key questions, have faith in the method and don't force the way the reciever speaks. He or she will probably start talking, either very emotional or very subtle. Make notes from the session, if it is possible -record what is happening, this will be very useful for following sessions.

This method is based on a Katharsis way of releasing pain from the soul. It is not an analytical tool and is not aimed for professional use.

Copyright: Jennifer Rainsford 2008