how I finally realised: it isn't supposed to be like this, and then understood, some people own the right of describing the world
Video and sound installation, tinfoil, single channel, 4 min loop


Installation view






Stills from videos





Text before performance,              

I am on a military practicing field close to where my parents live. My notes before this action: Woman cycling through very religious area, lower part of body naked. Focus on where skin touches seat. Man cycling through very religious area, lower part of body naked. The camera is fastened on the tripod on the back of my bike. I pull down my trousers and start cycling. While on the bike these thoughts pass through my mind: What if the militaries catch me with a camera and my pants down on this non-access-military road where photography is strictly forbidden? Is this a good simulation of a woman cycling through very religious area? I should be doing this wearing a wig in that part of Arsenal where women actually aren’t allowed to use bikes. They might be aroused, or arouse someone.

For the liberation of men: It’s ok 1:
We are in my studio, before we start I have made some notes: blue ornamented tights. Important to see his genitals, fragile trust. Three times I want him to walk back and forth in front of the camera. It is important that his face is out of frame. I want you to think you are a vase I tell him. He nods. I pay him 500kr for two hours of work.

I visited the homes of three eldest women in my family. They are all born in the beginning of the last century. We are all related. I asked them to wear a silver dress. When the dress is on, I ask them what has happened since their husbands died when they were in their 50’s. I ask them stereotypical things like what they dreamt of when they were young. I ask them why they think god is always described as a man. I didn’t dare to ask them if they have had sex in 30 years.

The easiest way to survive in a system is to follow it. To enjoy with it and to play with it. In that way you don’t have think of how to survive. And things are less complicated. How to make a difference when you actually don’t have to?