Video 5 min, London 2008



Instructions dialogue
J (directs) -Imagine you are a transvestite from Bangkok, you had a relationship with a lesbian woman who is an documentary filmmaker. You went to London to see her. She broke up with you. Now you are at the restaurant, eating alone, you will go back home.
M(acts):-So I am a bit sad, no?
J -No, more relieved.
M-And does she know... I mean I am a man? or a woman?
J-, or yes she knows
M- she has to know she feels my beard when we kiss, no?
J -Yes she knows, but it is against her logic.
M -Ah ok, I have the hamburger. I will eat and think about this. She is the man and the woman, she was just left alone, where am I going?
J - I haven't decided yet, I'll let you know.