Iron, embroidered seat
50x40x100 (cm)






The chair takes its' construcion from Iindian Yogis and other Illusionartists to be used for creating the illusion of being able to float over ground.

I have been interested in how reality is constructed and at the same time produces illusions about itself. In this there is also a will to levitate over the illusion of earth or rather the gravitation of society.


  Taking an ironwood cane which I had brought from Ceylon, he leaned
heavily upon it, resting his right hand upon the handle with his eyes
fixed upon the ground. He the proceeded to utter the appropriate
incantations...[and] rose gradually about two feet from the ground.
His legs were crossed beneath him, and he made no change in his
position, which was very like that of those bronze statues of
Buddha...For more than twenty minutes I tried to see how (he) could
thus fly in the face and eyes of all known laws of gravity...the stick
gave him no visible support, and there was no apparent contact between that and his body, except through his right hand."Louis Jacolliot"Sciences in India and Among the Ancients" (1884)