Video and sound


Part of dialogue from soundpiece:
Female voice, Leonide Andersson: I am no one and it is only the things that surrounds me that reminds me of who I am. Like the red stripes on this wallpaper and my hands, the lines in my hands.
Male voice, from Wikipedia: Synapses are specialised junctions through which cells of the nervous system signal to one another and to non neuronal cells such as muscles or glands.
LA:…the lines in my hands, the mark my shoe makes on this floor.
W:  Synapses form the circuits on which neurons of the central nervous system interconnect. They are less crucial to the biological computation that underlies perception and thought. They also provide the means through which the nervous system connects to and controls the other systems of the body. 
LA Or the people I meet, are reminders you could say because everyone is part of the same soul.
W: The word synapse comes from synapting which Sassure, Scott, Sherington, and his colleagues coined from the greek syne meaning together and hapting meaning to clasp. 
LA:Because every one is part of the same soul, and the body and the material things that surrounds you reminds the soul of which corner of the world this is.
W: At at prototypical synapse such as a dendretic spine a mushroom shaped bud eject from each two cells.